L.A. Witch

Who are they?

Often compared to early Gun Club, The Black Angels, and Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Los Angeles based all-girl trio L.A. WITCH have proven themselves in the bustling LA garage scene, appearing alongside The Kills, performing at the influential festivals Levitation Fest, Beach Goth, and Burgerama, whilst also sharing line-ups with fellow So-Cal garage souls The Growlers, and Australia’s own Gooch Palms. 

L.A. Witch knows how to conjure up the demons in pop. Veering between moody post-punk ands blues-punk ballad, ‘DRIVE YOUR CAR’ is an exploration far beyond 2014’s fuzzed-out, lo-fi ‘GET LOST’. The explosive drumming coupled with heavy basslines set the mood for reverb-drenched, spaced-out guitar, with vocals reminiscent of a darker, more rebellious Mazzy Star. On of the beautiful things of a 7″ is how you can highlight dynamics and with ‘Aint Comin Home’,  we’re tranported into a slower, desert blues journey, that conjures up dark late nights and too much whiskey, all the while highlighting the vocals of Sade Sanchez.

Sanchez’s voice howls through the canyons of her own reverb like she’s yelling behind the wheel of a stolen Mustang in a Santa Ana tunnel, revealing in her cacophonous freedom Thelma &Louise-style.

”LA With are indeed from LA, and sport a dark  bluesy sound that recals a pitch black Widowspeak… or BRMC…the band’s music is heavy on smokey attitude which you 10% need in this kind of thing’
Brooklyn Vegan

Their music is raw and bloody, echoing of bad decisions through a thick, smoky haze of reverb. Just like their influences, L.A. Witch preaches the blues; these aren’t happy ballads, but if you submerse yourself in them, you come out feeling a hell of a lot better than before.


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