The Coathangers release “Suck My Shirt” and announce Australian Tour


Infectious and cathartic female punk group, The Coathangers are bringing their raucous and electrifying live shows to Australia this January!sports74.rumensclub24

Forming in 2006 for the sole purpose of playing parties and hanging out, The Coathangers stormed onto the music scene as a completely unaffected, unpretentious, deliciously sloppy and totally infectious rock band. With each album release though, they continue to grow and refine their skills. Four albums in, and they’ve just released their most well-recorded and well-written album to date, via Smack Face Records in Australia. ‘Suck My Shirt’ teems with both force and emotional depth as they spit out a venomous, garagey brand of punk rock’n’roll.

It is The Coathangers live show that has become a force to be reckoned with, though. They prove that they have nothing to prove. The versatility of each member is undeniably impressive, switching instruments [and totally destroying them] multiple times during their sets. The Coathangers encapsulate the classic, aggressive punk legacy of artists like The Runaways and Patti Smith.

The Coathangers ultimately joked their way to becoming a powerful voice in punk, with enough earned talent to make music sound as effortlessly dangerous and as cool as some of the greats, they’ve headlined tours across North America and Europe and supported big-ticket names like The Thermals, The Black Lips and Trail of Dead. The Coathangers are currently headlining Burger Records’ Caravan of Stars tour, with Cherry Glazerr & Together Pangea before they head to Europe and onto Australia for the first time EVER!
Don’t miss their devil-may-care attitude and rowdy house-show vibes at the dates below.